Mark Campese, CMO

Mark Campese has had a successful career spanning over twenty years in the Direct Selling / Network Marketing industry. Although he began his entrepreneurial path as an independent owner of a traditional retail business, Mark quickly recognized the power and independence of the Network Marketing Industry.

He has served in a wide variety of positions within the Industry, including successful development as a Field Distributor, a National Sales Trainer, Industry Consultant and Corporate President.

Mark is an accomplished Teacher, Trainer and Motivational Speaker who has personally built huge down line teams and won numerous awards, incentive trips and industry accolades.

He has established an excellent reputation throughout the industry built on Integrous Leadership, Relationships, and Conduct. His key focus is to educate, motivate and empower people to succeed in their life, career and business….. reaching their full human potential and achieving the greatness of their dreams.

Mark considers himself to be an ‘ Everyman’s Network Marketer ‘ and his down to earth, impassioned training style demonstrates this fully.