Executive Advisory Board

The Executive Advisory Board is comprised of internationally acclaimed business leaders who provide support and guidance to Noble 8 Independent Business Leaders. These individuals are selected out of tens of thousands of field leaders to provide the Noble 8 Co-founders with sound counsel on major policies and decisions.


JP Smith

Executive Field Charman

JP Smith serves the Noble 8 Revolution community as the leader of our Executive Advisory Board. His title is Executive Field Chairman (EFC). During JPs career, he was a Store Manager for a major retail chain early on and then opened his own Retail Sporting Goods store for several years. During that early retail career, he also discovered Networking and met a very young Zig Ziglar in 1964.

He closed his store during the late 2018 recession and joined the AL Williams Company full-time where he rose to the top position of National Sales Director and spent 10 great years there.

When ALW was sold and Art Williams retired, tens of thousands left and JP went to a competing company where he became their Executive Vice President for a few years, then joined Excel Telecom where he again and rose to the top positions of Executive Director and National Training Director. After a few years there he accepted an Exec. VP position with another company.

From there, he went to Freedom Quest USA, as their Executive VP for nine years and that is where he met Mr. Mark Campese.

As per JP, “as the Executive Field Chairman with the Executive Advisory Board of Noble 8 Revolution, I have found the last program I will ever need”


Mike Feinberg

Mike has always been a “servant leader”. As a member of the US Army he spent 17 months at a one-man duty station in Sendai, Japan. While in Sendai, he donated much of his spare time teaching English at a local high school and YMCA. He represented our country well and received a special commendation for his volunteer work.

Over his business career, he has mostly been in his own business or worked as a 1099 independent contractor. He states, “You can count on one hand the years I’ve received a W-2 form from an employer”. He has always believed as we do, “You are the master of your own destiny”.

Mike has had experience in various businesses. Some wins, some not. He started his business career as a life and health insurance agent in NY and then transferred to Miami, FL with the Prudential Insurance Company. Prudential was good for him, but he wanted more. He started a pest control business with a high school friend in 1968. That business is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year, but Mike sold his interest to his partner and friend in 1985. His high school friend, became his best friend in business and is still his best friend. A rare story.

Over the years in the insurance and pest control industries, Mike was introduced to the relationship marketing industry in the early 1970s. He became a student. He has built organizations, was a founder and CEO of an MLM telecom company in 1997 where our own JP Smith was an important leader and also has had experience as a consultant and supplier to our industry. We like his spirit, his commitment to Noble8 and the business and MLM experience he brings to the table. We also like that he is a “we” person, not a “me” person.

Mike told us his life will not change dramatically with a Noble8 home run. His “Why”, he wants to create a legacy for his 7 grandchildren. Mike is single, has 3 amazing daughters who all have great families, contribute to the greater good and share a positive view on life. Just like their “Dad”.


Kirk Patterson

Kirk has been a passionate builder throughout his life, from the construction industry in the 70’s to building a successful group of martial arts training schools in the 80’s and then opening distribution outlets in the financial services industry.

Following a higher spiritual calling to give back to his community, Kirk developing a successful private commercial bank providing the financial means to help thousands of people. In the banking business Kirk developed a network of agents nationwide.

In 2010, Kirk got into field of Network Marketing, applied his business disciplines and principles to excel. Kirk has proven to be an outstanding team builder and leader having built teams in the tens of thousands and personally recruiting nearly 1,000 independent reps.

Kirk is building Noble 8 Revolution because he believe it is the definitive opportunity to apply a proven system to help masses of people achieve their own aspirations and dreams along with changing the world with philanthropic giving.


Brian Louis

Brian Louis (pronounced ‘Lou-ee’) started his work career at one of Trinidad’s leading IT companies starting as a Data Entry Clerk working his way up to Executive Vice President and member of Board of Directors over the next 17 years.

Brian later opened his own business in the Payroll & Accounting Industry. He has also published a book titled, “Trinidad & Tobago by Air” – this beautiful book contains Aerial Photographs and overview of Trinidad & Tobago’s Landmarks & History. It is now in every library in Trinidad & Tobago and has sold over 25,000 copies at this time.

In 2012, Brian got his first taste of Team Building with a major global company and developed a team of tens of thousands throughout the region becoming the first Diamond Consultant in Trinidad & Tobago and the first person to exceed $100,000 in income in a 12 month period earning a dazzling $100,000 ring for that achievement. He is now building a huge team of some really talented and motivated teammates in Noble 8 Revolution.